Private Equity Finance

Equity finance for management teams and owners of established, profitable businesses looking to undertake a management buyout, finance an equity release, or execute a buy and build strategy.

Our investment criteria

Flexible funding solutions for established businesses

Our private equity finance is used to back ambitious management teams across a diverse range of sectors, helping dynamic British businesses accelerate their growth organically or through acquisition.

We don't just invest in businesses, we partner with them. Maven can help you to make positive change happen, whether that is to realise value tied up in the business you own, or supporting you in acquiring an equity stake in the business you currently run.

Our experienced investment and portfolio executives, come from a wide range of professional and commercial backgrounds which enables us to work in close partnership with senior management in each of our investee companies.

How we support your business

Long term partner

We are a supportive partner who help exceptional management teams achieve positive results. Whilst private equity investment is a shared journey, we let management get on with the day to day management of their business. After all, you know your business better than anyone.

Applying best practice

By being aligned with management, Maven can add value by sharing our knowledge and experience gained over several decades investing in hundreds of businesses. We therefore commit to understanding not only the numbers, but also the commercial issues and other challenges you may face.

Comprehensive network

Our portfolio companies gain access to an established network of contacts where they will be able to tap into experienced non-executives and advisors with relevant sector knowledge, or in some cases to new trading partners, suppliers or potential acquirers.

Strategic input

Our experienced team can provide support to management on strategic issues such as internationalising the business or identifying potential acquisitions and helping the company navigate the complex M&A landscape. Often we will know or be able to identify the best advisers and potential acquirers of your business.

Some of our private equity investments

Security Software
Software Technology Consultancy
Advertising & Analytics Technology
GEV Group
Renewable Energy Services
Incremental Group
IT & Telecoms
CRM Software

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Private equity criteria

Funding Requirement

We can invest from £2 million up to £20 million in a single transaction.


We prefer to invest in UK domiciled businesses.

Stage of business

We back established, profitable, and growing businesses with an EBITDA of at least £1 million.

Enterprise value

We support businesses typically valued from £4 million to £40 million.


We support ambitious, experienced and entrepreneurial management teams.


We are sector agnostic, principally aiming to support businesses that have market leading products/ services and are capable of delivering continuing growth in profit and earnings.

Frequently asked questions

What is private equity?

Private equity is finance provided in return for an equity stake in companies with high growth potential. Typically, it is used to back businesses which are established and profitable, supporting either a management buyout or buy-in. It is often used in conjunction with bank debt or other forms of finance and provides the risk capital element of a corporate funding package.

What type of transactions can private equity support?

Private equity investment can support management buyouts and management buy-ins of mature, profitable companies, enabling existing management teams to acquire a significant part of the company from the owners, or provide the opportunity for an executive team to purchase an interest in a business they have identified as an acquisition, or undertake a buy in.

Private equity can also be used by established businesses which require capital to further grow or make an acquisition with no change in senior people. Management can also benefit from bringing an experienced equity partner on board to help expand operations, fund acquisitions or enter new markets without giving up control over their business.

Finally, Private Equity can be used to help a public company return to private ownership, eliminating the costs of maintaining a public listing and relieving management from the pressure of meeting short term earnings targets.

What is a management buyout?

An MBO is an alternative to the sale of a business to a larger or competitor business. It provides the option for the existing management team to acquire the business, with the support of a private equity investor, and may be an attractive solution for many business owners where an outright trade sale may not meet all their personal or financial objectives.

Often the quickest and least disruptive way of realising value, MBOs tend to come about when the founder or owner is looking to exit or realise some value in their investment, or when a corporate owner or parent company sees the business as being a non-core asset.

A private equity backed MBO can be a highly effective means of implementing ownership succession for a business, as it helps to ensure an easier transition to next generation owners and puts in place a strong foundation for continued growth. It also provides an attractive opportunity for a management team to share in the benefits of business ownership.

What is replacement capital?

A business owner may wish to realise some of the value of their holding in the business, whether to de risk their personal ownership position, or facilitate an exit for departing or retiring members of the senior management team who hold equity in the business. Private equity can unlock the value of a business, allowing the existing shareholders to realise value, while putting equity in the hands of key executives who will drive future growth.

What does a private equity investor look for when making an investment?
  • Private equity firms invest in people – the integrity and capability of the management team is the most critical factor when assessing every potential new investment.
  • Detailed financial projections – the business plan and forecasts will be scrutinised and carefully assessed to determine the prospects for the business, in context of the wider market opportunity for the underlying product or services.
  • Relevant market analysis – this analysis will help to better understand the opportunity for a business’s products or services and the achievability of the plan to develop and grow market share.
By taking on private equity will I lose control of my business?

There is often a misconception that owners will relinquish control of their business to a private equity investor. At Maven, whilst we will take an active interest we back management teams to continue running each business with the shared mutual goal for all parties of increase shareholder value. A Management team has the reassurance of knowing that they have a supportive investor backing their development plans and who will provide strategic and commercial expertise and advice if it is required.

Why partner with Maven?

In working with Maven you will be partnering with one of the UK's most active investors of high growth businesses with a proven track record of supporting a diverse range of growth strategies, including management buyouts, buy and build, or pre-IPO finance.

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