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Maven Investor Partners is an established investor network for professional client investors who can access a range of carefully researched private equity and property transactions, that are typically only available to institutional capital.

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Private equity and property co-investment

Alternative asset investments have long been the mainstay of many institutional and family office portfolios, but are often out of reach to individual professional investors. Maven Investor Partners offers experienced investors a way to create a more balanced portfolio with exposure to alternative investments that are uncorrelated to the public markets and usually only available to institutional capital.

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How it works


Investors have the opportunity to construct a portfolio of private company and real estate alternative investments that are only available through a private equity and property manager such as Maven.

Growth Potential

Invest in growing UK private companies with the prospect of delivering positive shareholder returns. These are ambitious businesses led by talented management teams, who can demonstrate a vision and clear growth strategy, alongside a differentiated and competitive business proposition.

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Access carefully curated opportunities that suit your personal investment objectives and risk profile on a discretionary basis. The decision to participate or not always rests with you.

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Diversify your investment portfolio into an asset class non correlated to mainstream equity markets, which offers the potential for higher risk-adjusted returns and provides an opportunity for investors to benefit from secular trends. 

Expert Analysis

Each opportunity is subject to rigorous internal analysis from our experts in alternative investments and extensive third-party due diligence. Investor Partners are provided with a detailed investment proposal and analysis that allows you to make your own investment decision.

We do the heavy lifting

After we invest we look to forge a strong working relationship with each investee company to support its growth plan, drive business improvements and realise healthy investor profits at time of sale.

The Power of Private Markets

Access to alternatives

Find out more about the established network which is enabling experienced investors to gain access to direct investment opportunities in private equity and real estate. 

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The Process

Before sending any proposal to Investor Partners, a prospective new transaction is subject to rigorous analysis and third party due diligence. The process is to challenge and prove the investment thesis, and to help structure the transaction to protect investor capital and deliver the best possible returns.

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Step one

Sourcing of alternative investment opportunities

Each locally sponsored transaction is carefully assessed through a three-stage internal review and approval process. The ultimate decision whether to proceed rests with Maven’s national Investment Committee which is made up of members of our partner group and other senior executives.

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Step two

Due diligence & evaluation

If the decision is taken to conditionally proceed, the target business is subject to extensive third-party due diligence, covering all key aspects of the investment. This includes financial, legal and management referencing, as well as full market and commercial analysis. At this time Maven also seeks to identify prospective acquirers for the business or asset, based on comparable M&A activity in the sector.

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Step three

Client selection & deal execution

A detailed investment proposal is issued to Investor Partners only when the initial review process is complete, including an estimate of the likely projected returns. There is then a defined period to consider each proposal before deciding whether or not to participate. Maven investment executives are on hand to provide further information and discuss the merits of the investment case on a one to one basis if required.

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Step four

Value creation & monitoring

Following completion of the transaction, Maven manages all aspects of the investment through to ultimate exit, as well as providing investors with cash distributions on the loan stock element on a six monthly basis. Performance update reports on their alternative investments are also provided to Investor Partners at that time.

Alternative investment opportunities beyond the public markets

Private Equity

Private equity is now widely recognised as an established asset class with a long history of generating positive returns. It is attracting increasing interest from experienced investors who seek diversification beyond the traditional asset classes and the potential for higher risk-adjusted returns. 

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Although it has cyclical characteristic, UK property remains an attractive asset class for investors, offering relatively predictable returns and yield-generating assets. Often there is controlled and measurable downside risk, given the underlying asset backing associated with property.

A team dedicated to you

We take the time to build long-term relationships with our investors with a view to understanding your investment goals. Our client facing executives and dedicated team of property professionals are on hand to assist you along the way.

Find out more about our investment executives who source, execute and manage property investments on behalf of Maven Investor Partners.

Meet the team

Suzanne Lupton

Suzanne Lupton


Katie MacRaild

Katie MacRaild

Director of Co-Investment

Victoria McGurran

Victoria McGurran

Director of Private Client Relations

Risk warning

An investment directly into an unquoted or private company or into property carries a higher degree of risk than many other forms of investment. It may also be more difficult to realise, as shares in private companies are not publicly traded. The value of shares in a private company, including the level of income derived from them, may fall as well as rise, and investors may not get back the money originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. 

Maven investments are intended for professional clients and institutional investors only. These alternative investments are only suitable for investors who are able to evaluate and understand the risks and merits of such investment. They are also only suitable for investors who have the resources to bear any loss that may result from such investments.

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Frequently asked questions

What is alternative investment?

Alternative investments refer to financial assets that fall outside one of the many traditional investment categories, such as stocks and bonds, cash, and mutual funds. 

Instead, alternative investments are considered more unconventional, as they offer investors a wide range of different opportunities compared to traditional investments. Alternative investments can include anything from private equity, hedge funds, real estate, art and antiques, commodities,  and so on.

What is alternative investment management?

In short, alternative investment management is the process of administering and dealing with alternative investment opportunities and portfolios on behalf of investors. Specifically, it involves the management of non-traditional assets.

The role of alternative investment managers is to look after different components of the process, such as research, acquisition, and monitoring. Other key aspects include constructing a portfolio that aligns with the investors’ goals and strategies, conducting thorough due diligence, and interacting with the professional client to offer updates and address any queries.  

What are alternative assets?

These refer to unconventional asset classes, which offer investors a better chance of diversification and potential returns as opposed to more traditional investments. 

While traditional asset classes include stocks and bonds, cash, and mutual funds, alternative assets come with a wider range of possible investments, including private equity, hedge funds, real estate, art and collectibles, and so on. 

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