Property investment opportunities with Maven Investor Partners

We offer family offices and high net worth investors the opportunity to access a diverse range of UK property investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis.

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Deal-by-deal UK property investment

By becoming a Maven Investor Partner you will gain exposure to UK property investments often with strong underlying asset backing. We undertake a range of carefully selected, professionally managed developments across the UK every year that have the potential to deliver income, capital growth, or a combination of both.

Maven Investor Partners is helping to democratise private asset investment, providing access to attractive real estate investment opportunities on a syndicated basis. These are often only available to larger institutional investors.

Key criteria for our real estate investments

Each property investment will typically be:
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in a sector and location where there is proven occupational demand.


managed by a developer and/or professional team experienced in real estate.


subject to a complete development plan or asset management strategy, including risk assessment and exit proposals.

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subject to extensive due diligence, covering all relevant real estate and financial matters such as an independent valuation report.


based on a detailed financial appraisal and with terms having been agreed for bank debt, where appropriate.


structured to offer the potential for achieving meaningful gains, either through development or by acquiring assets where value long-term can be added through active management.

Our real estate investment offering

Attractive opportunities for high-net worth individuals

Allows investors to construct a bespoke portfolio in well-researched commercial and residential real estate projects, many of which are introduced off-market.

Structured to deliver return on investment

Dependent on risk profile and the underlying investment, each project will typically target returns of 1.5x - 2x of cost over a holding period of two to four years.

Direct involvement in projects

We are actively involved throughout the process, working closely with developers and professional advisers to deliver refurbishment and development opportunities that can generate investor profits.

Active asset management

Greater potential to maximise value as we actively manage property assets. We look for value enhancement opportunities such as changes of use, planning consents, refurbishment, and development gains.

Full management service

We can provide a complete Investment Management Service, tailored to suit the requirements of each project. Our approach ensures close attention to detail, accountability, governance, and rigorous risk management.

Personal touch

Our executives will be available to talk you through new commercial property investment opportunities and answer any questions you may have at any point in the process.

Property investment success stories

Larbert Residential Development

Ambassador Group Residential Development

Joint venture to develop two residential sites in Renfrew and Clackmannan, Scotland. 

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Market Gait Dundee - PBSA Development

Marketgait, Dundee

Acquisition and redevelopment of existing purpose built student accommodation.

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333 Bath Street, Glasgow

333 Bath Street, Glasgow

Adaptive redevelopment of empty office block to purpose built student accommodation in Glasgow city centre.

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Why choose Maven for property investment?

Experienced property professionals

Our team has decades of collective experience in identifying, structuring, and completing real estate projects which can deliver strong investor returns. With an in-depth knowledge of locations, sectors, and markets, we have the expertise to identify the best properties and real estate opportunities.

UK wide presence

Our team of executives are active within every part of the UK with well-developed relationships across the sector. This ensures that we are ideally positioned to source a wide range of commercial property investment opportunities for Maven Investor Partners.

We do the heavy lifting

We are directly involved in every real estate development project, providing end-to-end management from inception through to completion. This way we can provide maximum return potential for our investors.

Investor reporting

We provide regular updates regarding your investments and host a number of investor seminars or webinars throughout the year. In addition, our property investment team is available to discuss your portfolio and investment preferences on a one-to-one basis.

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If you are a family office or high net worth investor who would like to gain access to our regular property investment opportunities, you can register your interest with us today and we will be in touch.

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Risk warning

Property investments may be difficult to realise, as they carry a higher degree of risk than many other forms of investment. These investments are intended for Professional Clients only. They are only suitable for investors who are able to evaluate and understand the risks and merits of such investments and have the resources to bear any loss that may result from such investments.

Frequently asked questions

How much can I invest?

The minimum commitment is £25,000 per transaction, with the option to increase the amount above that level subject to availability. Many of our investors commit much larger sums, depending on personal circumstances.

How to invest in property?

Before you invest in real estate it wise to carry out your own research to understand property investment strategies, fees, and risks.  A prospective investor must be able to demonstrate that they are in a position to make their own investment decisions and are fully aware of the risks involved in investment in alternative assets including the risk to some or all of their capital. These investment opportunities are only available to professional clients and eligible counterparties as defined by FCA rules.

Maven Investor Partners offers professional client investors a way to create a bespoke portfolio with exposure to alternative investments that are uncorrelated to the public markets and usually only available to institutional capital. If it’s the right option for you, the next step would be to get in touch and register your interest with us. We have a team of experts with many years' experience in real estate investments and with a proven track record of success in the sector.

Is commercial property a good investment in the UK?

Although it has cyclical characteristics, UK property remains an attractive class for investors. This is due to the expanding demand across all sub-sets of the asset class, on the back of population and corporate growth. Income yields remain at healthy levels in a low interest rate environment, with a number of indicators pointing to growing competition for space and rising property rental levels in many UK cities.

UK commercial properties offer investors access to relatively predictable returns as part of a diversified portfolio in the alternative asset area. Often there is very controlled and measurable ‘downside risk’ given the underlying asset backing associated with property.

What type of real estate investments do you target?

The Maven property team is able to source and evaluate a wide range of investment opportunities throughout the UK. In each case we look to partner with an experienced developer or asset manager who will often be a fellow investor in the project.

We have successfully completed developments of hotels, student accommodation, office refurbishment and residential properties using this operating model. We also have expertise in structuring tax-efficient opportunities where possible.

What is your typical hold period?

Typically, we aim for a holding period of two to four years. That said, we can also elect to keep an asset within the portfolio for longer if it has strong income generating characteristics. 

How can investors track performance?

Maven provides investors with cash distributions on the loan stock element of each investment on a six monthly basis where contractually due. Performance update reports on portfolio holdings are also provided to Investor Partners at that time. When an investment is sold, Maven distributes cash proceeds to investors.

Maven also has a dedicated and secure portal enabling Investor Partners to keep track of their portfolio at any time.

Is there a cost to become a Maven Investor Partner?

There are no costs to becoming a Maven Investor Partner. Fees are only payable on the sum invested. Due to FCA regulations, we will need to verify that you are classed as a high net worth, experienced investor before we can share details of any private equity or real estate opportunities. 

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