Guiding our investee companies through familiar challenges


Challenges and obstacles will affect any business, large or small, and therefore the path to long term success is rarely straight forward. The barriers to growth will vary depending on the business and issues which may seem inconsequential to certain organisations could be a major thorn in the side for others. 

Where Private Equity stands out from other forms for finance is the added value a manager can bring to the table, by sharing the knowledge and experience they gained by investing in hundreds of businesses and providing access to their comprehensive network of contacts which can open doors. 

Watch David Clee, CEO at MirrorWeb, and Jeremy Thompson, Investment Director at Maven, discuss how Maven was able to assist MirrorWeb during the procurement process to help the business secure a large customer contract.


David Clee: From large enterprise asset managers like Andersen Standard, Standard Life, Zurich or AXA, these customers demand a lot from their suppliers. Maven’s support, cash and advice has enabled us to address these customer requirements.

Jeremy Thompson: It can be quite difficult for small businesses to get through the procurement process. David called me one evening very excited as having just won quite a big contract with a large global insurance company, and when he was going through the procurement process, they were asking quite a lot of questions about his balance sheet. So we were able to just write a letter to say, we are Maven, we’re a financial institution, we’ve got significant assets under management, this is a business that’s in our portfolio, we are very supportive of them, so please don’t be concerned about the lack of financial firepower when you look at the company accounts.

David Clee: Jeremy was easy to work with and really supported us in our strategy in our plans to grow our business.

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