Liverpool ChiroChem

Deal Type
Equity Finance

Initial Investment
March 2018


NPIF Maven Equity Finance


Liverpool ChiroChem, is an international chemical technology business whose products form the building blocks to the research and development of new drugs. LCC was founded in 2014 to accelerate the discovery and development of high-quality drugs by providing pharmaceutical companies all over the world with improved access to novel 3D chiral nitrogen heterocycles.

The business began within Liverpool University but now has two locations; its headquarters and R&D centre in Liverpool and an analytical centre and production laboratory in Taizhou, China.

Liverpool ChiroChem

2019 saw a record number of newly approved drugs hit the market. I’m delighted that LCC’s long-term strategic investors are allowing us to ramp up the production and distribution of our novel chemical components that will enable our clients to unlock new chemical space for further discovery of novel drugs and development of treatments in multiple therapeutic indications, particularly oncology and the central nervous system. We have a world-class team in the UK and China that are working extremely well together, it’s a joy to witness.

Paul Colben, Co-Founder and CEO for Liverpool ChiroChem

Meet the lead executive(s)

Simon Robb
Simon Robb

Portfolio Manager

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