Horizon Technologies

Deal Type
Growth Capital

Initial Investment
May 2021


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Horizon Technologies is a leading manufacturer of airborne signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems for use in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Its applications are being used by a number of large corporations, government agencies and government backed bodies, including the UK Ministry of Defence and the National Maritime Information Centre.

Horizon’s Maritime Domain Awareness technology Amber™ uses a proprietary method of geolocation and fingerprinting of radio frequency signals to locate and track shipping vessels worldwide. This provides an end-to-end data services solution for use by defence companies and government agencies in identifying illegal maritime activity such as piracy, smuggling, illegal fishing, transhipment, and terrorism – a market worth over $20 billion and growing at 9% per year.

Amber™ also has significant commercial potential for shipping companies, insurers and financial institutions to help them track vessels for the purposes of ensuring regulatory compliance, to implement better route planning to optimise fuel efficiency and to keep shipping away from high risk areas.

Horizon Technologies

Having the financial support and domain expertise of Maven will help us execute our vision of launching Horizon’s application-ready technology into space more rapidly and broadly. With the benefit of experience, perspective, and relationships of this leading tech investor, we can demonstrate the capabilities of an ultra-reliable MDA service. The market sector is just scratching the surface in terms of applications for space-based geospatial data and is poised for rapid growth. We are already engaged in discussion with potential users of these new services within the media, shipping, finance, and defence industries.

John Beckner, CEO at Horizon Technologies

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Luke Matthews
Luke Matthews


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