Key Information

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Maximum Offer Size: £15m
Amount Raised: £13.5m
Minimum Subscription: £5,000
Initial Offer Cost: 2.5%
Offer Closes:
Tax year 2019/20 - 1 April 2020
Tax year 2020/21 - 30 April 2020


Maven VCT 3

Maven VCT 4

Average Dividend*

8.5p 8.3p

Yield including benefit of 30% tax relief**

20.3% 16.4%


*No projection or forecast should be inferred or implied from such statements. Average dividends are calculated over the past five full financial years. **Tax-free yields are calculated using the average dividends and the most recently published NAVs for the Companies (at 25 October 2019). The yield calculation assumes that the investor benefits from initial income tax relief of up to 30% on (as is currently available on investment in new VCT shares) but ignores the impact of Offer costs. For further information about performance please see the Securities Note for the Offer (below) or Annual Reports for the VCTs.

Application Documentation

The Securities Note below contains details of the VCTs, initial Offer costs and ongoing charges, as well as relevant Risk factors.
How to apply:

By post

PostPlease send the Application Form (with your cheque, if applicable) to:

Link Market Services
Corporate Actions
The Registry
34 Beckenham Road



Investors can submit an online Application (including the option to pay by UK debit card for subscriptions up to £99,500). Click here to invest:

If you have any questions about the VCT Offer, call Maven on 0141 306 7400 or get in touch by email.
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