Key Information

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Maximum Offer Size: £20m (£10m per VCT), plus up to £10m over-allotment per VCT
Aggregate Amount Raised: £3.3m
Minimum Subscription: £3,000
Deadlines for Applications:
Tax year 2021/22 – 4 April 2022
Tax year 2022/23 – 27 May 2022
Early Investment Incentive - until noon 28 January 2022:
1.5% of the Application Amount for Existing Shareholders
1.25% of the Application Amount for New Investors
(see Securities Note below for full details)

VCT Offer Documents

An investment in the VCT Offers should be made solely on the basis of information set out in the Securities Note (including Risk Factors and the Terms and Conditions of Application), the Summary and the Registration Document below, as well as the Key Information Documents (KID) for the VCTs.
If you have any questions about the VCT Offer, call Maven on 0141 306 7400 or get in touch by email.
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