Key Information

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Maximum Offer Size: £40m
Amount Raised: £40m
Offer Closed: March 2019
The Maven VCT 1 and VCT 5 Offers closed in March 2019 after raising the full £20m each.


Maven VCT 1

Maven VCT 5

Tax-free yield*

12.82% 7.40%

Yield including benefit of 30% tax relief**

18.31% 10.57%


*This is historical information, and should not be taken as any indication or forecast of future dividend levels. The yields are based on the average dividends paid over the past five full financial years and the most recently published NAV per share for the VCTs (at July 2018). **Yields including tax relief assume that the investor benefits from initial tax relief of up to 30% as is currently available on investment in on newly issued VCT shares. For further information about performance please see the Securities Note for the Offer or Annual Reports for the VCTs.

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