Michael Vasallo explores regional investing on the EIS Navigator podcast

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Listen to the latest episode of the EIS Navigator podcast which features Maven's Michael Vassallo. On the pod Michael and host Brian Moretta explore regional investing, diving deeper into the options available to businesses and why regional funding exists across the UK.

Published: Jul 29, 2022
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Michael Vassallo, Investment Director at Maven recently sat down with Brian Moretta of Hardman & Co to explore regional investing on their EIS Navigator podcast. 

The fortnightly podcast focuses on the UK venture capital industry, exploring small growth companies, as well as the funds and people who invest in them.

In the episode, Michael discusses his own investment career and why he finds himself working on regional funding at Maven, notably the North East Development Capital Fund and the Finance Durham Fund. Michael also goes more in depth into the aims of regional funding and how small businesses can potentially benefit from growth through the local options available to them.

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