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In the fifth episode of the Invested Podcast, we interviewed Virraj Jatania, the founding CEO of Pockit, a FinTech platform on a mission to revolutionise financial inclusion.

Published: Apr 24, 2024
Focus: Insights


Born into an entrepreneurial family, Virraj’s passion for business was cultivated from a young age. It was his time spent growing up in India, Russia, & the Middle East, and witnessing first hand the challenges many people faced in accessing mainstream banking, which led him to set up Pockit.

The company offers a digital account that is designed to assist customers whose needs aren’t met by the traditional banking system with a range of essential financial services.

Virraj’s story is one of ambition, innovation and his drive to create an ethical solution to a global problem. It is a captivating journey, which began as a computer science graduate and has now led him to developing a technology solution which is helping underserved communities. 
His insights from both business and life are fascinating. His experience and knowledge highlight the importance of resilience, surrounding yourself with the right people, and having a clear vision when starting a business. This episode is not one to miss.

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