Webinar | Debt vs. Equity: What is right for your business?

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As businesses grow it is highly likely that at some point most will need to bring in outside money, in the form of either debt or equity. These are two very different methods of financing and each carry its own pros and cons. Listen to David Nixon, Senior Investment Manager at Maven, explore the debt vs equity debate and how entrepreneurs can make a more informed decision about what external funding option is right for their business.

Published: Apr 05, 2022
Focus: Insights

With an ever-growing choice of financing options available to businesses to fuel growth, it is important that entrepreneurs understand which is most beneficial to the current stage of their business as striking the right balance can either help or hinder future progress.

Debt, equity or a combination of the two can be used to support growth. This webinar explores the range of debt and equity funding opportunities that are available and what solution is the best fit depending on the nature of the business and its stage of development.

David Nixon covers four main points of discussion:

  • The funding opportunities available to businesses
  • The difference between debt and equity
  • Finding the right funding solution to suit your growth needs
  • Working examples across the Maven portfolio

Watch the Webinar in full below:


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