Deal Type
Growth Capital

Initial Investment
September 2022


Growth Capital


Turnkey provides modular, customisable Environmental Social Governance (ESG) risk management solutions for financial sector, supply chain, corporate sustainability and fund management clients. Its proprietary SaaS platform features real-time data, robust security and in-depth analytics to help firms record, analyse and benchmark ESG data to meet regulatory requirements and boost financial performance.

Turnkey enables its clients to collect, monitor and report on ESG data in a transparent, consistent and comparative manner. Advanced analytics and robust reporting tools provide full transparency of data across the entire business and create impactful reports for stakeholders. The intuitive platform ensures that the ESG data collection process is more straightforward and cost-effective and as well as minimising manual workflow errors. 





Since our inception we have had backing from a number of small-medium sized investors, but this is the largest external investment we have ever had. Fundraising to this scale will have a significant impact on what we do next, enabling us to expand into new territories, support more organisations to make a real difference and invest heavily in our technology platform to ensure we’re always at the forefront of what we do.

Tony Wines, Turnkey CEO and Founder of Turnkey

Meet the lead executive(s)

Gareth Price
Gareth Price

Investment Director

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