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Growth Capital

Initial Investment
July 2018


Growth Capital


Founded in 2014, Biorelate’s technology combines natural language processing and AI with human expert curation to generate highly relevant output from unstructured big data. Uses of the Company's technology include curation and exploration of billions of biomedical data points not found in existing databases, which are then used to form a more complete map of available scientific research and support biopharma companies in making drug discovery breakthroughs. Biorelate also uses existing knowledge to help scientists solve difficult biomedical challenges, enabling smarter, faster research and development whilst further tracking specific biomedical developments, expertise sourcing, and competitive intelligence.

Since launching its new AI platform named Galactic AI™ in 2020, Biorelate has experienced significant growth and has brought on board leading global companies including AstraZeneca and Idorsia. Investment from Maven will be used to increase its commercial and technical capacity, with also supporting wider expansion into the US, the biomedical industry’s largest market. 



Drug discovery is an exciting area with many companies working on new therapeutics. Equally, there is a vast amount of invaluable evidence, which is hard to access and is subsequently unused by these same companies. Our mission at Biorelate is to capture this untapped data and help them make sense of it. With this improved understanding we are empowering these companies to make better decisions and speed up the drug discovery process

Dr Daniel Jamieson, founder and CEO of BioRelate

Meet the lead executive(s)

Gavin Bell
Gavin Bell

Investment Director

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