About Maven Investor Partners

Investor Partners are able to access professionally appraised private equity and property investment opportunities, led by an award winning team, that are generally not available to other investor networks.

Maven Investor Partners is aimed at experienced investors who like to control how and where their money is invested. It offers the opportunity to construct a bespoke portfolio, on a discretionary basis in carefully researched opportunities which suit personal investment objectives and risk profile.

Every year Maven’s nationwide team is introduced to a regular flow of high quality investment opportunities across the UK, often brought to us off-market on the strength of our longstanding presence in the key regional markets. Each prospective investment is subject to a rigorous due diligence process and, although we appraise hundreds of potential deals each year, we undertake only a select few where we are satisfied that a transaction meets the target return profile of our investor base.

When a new opportunity is progressed, Investor Partners are provided with detailed investment proposals, allowing them to invest on a deal-by-deal basis in the transaction type and sectors of their choice. The decision to participate always rests with the investor.

The minimum commitment is £25,000 per transaction, with the ability to vary the amount above that level. Maven’s Investor Partners typically each invest up to £150,000 per transaction, though it is possible to apply for an allocation of up to £1 million through discussion with Maven.

Find out more about investing directly in private equity and property assets by downloading our brochure:

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How does Maven Investor Partners work?

Prior to sending any proposal to Investor Partners, a prospective new transaction is subject to rigorous analysis within Maven, including a detailed review by members of our partner group and senior investment executive. That process is intended to challenge and prove the investment thesis, and to help structure the transaction to protect investor capital and deliver the best possible returns.

Each locally sponsored transaction is carefully assessed through a three-stage internal review and approval process, with the ultimate decision whether to proceed resting with Maven’s national Investment Committee which is made up of members of our partner group and other senior executives. 

If the decision is taken to conditionally proceed, the target business is subject to extensive third-party due diligence, covering all key aspects of the investment, including financial, legal and management referencing, as well as full market and commercial analysis. At this time Maven also seeks to identify prospective acquirers for the business or asset, based on comparable M&A activity in the sector. 

A detailed investment proposal is issued to Investor Partners only when the initial review process is complete, including an estimate of the likely projected returns. There is then a defined period to consider each proposal before deciding whether or not to participate. Whilst Investor Partners will usually make an investment decision based on the proposal document, Maven investment executives are on hand to provide further information and discuss the merits of the investment case on a one to one basis if required.

Following completion of the transaction, Maven manages all aspects of the investment through to ultimate exit, as well as providing investors with cash distributions on the Loan Stock element on a six monthly basis. Performance update reports on their portfolio holdings are also provided to Investor Partners at that time.

Why Co-invest with Maven?

Embedded in Key UK Economic Regions
Maven offers full UK coverage, with its regional office network providing access to a wide range of locally sourced private company and property opportunities.

Highly Resourced and Stable Team
Maven has one of the most experienced investment teams in the UK, with a senior team that has been working together unchanged since 2004.

Close Working Relationship with Management Teams
Maven’s regional office structure allows it to stay within easy reach of each portfolio company and property project.

Industry Expertise
Maven has a recognised pedigree in a number of industry sectors, including niche manufacturing, speciality consumer and energy services, and property expertise in the student accommodation, hotel and office refurbishment sectors.

Competitive Entry Prices
Maven has a proven ability to acquire private businesses at competitive entry multiples which offer arbitrage gain potential, and identify property opportunities capable of delivering attractive development based returns.

Successful Track Record
Maven has established a long-term track record of generating profitable returns across its private equity portfolio since 2007, when investments were first made available to Investor Partners. 

How we deliver investor returns

Finding the best opportunities
Maven uses its embedded presence in the key UK corporate finance regions to access a range of investment opportunities in private companies with significant potential for growth. These are often introduced on an off-market basis, on the strength of longstanding personal relationships, or by professional advisers who are aware of our expertise and ability to work constructively with an entrepreneurial management team to accelerate business growth.

Investing at the right price
We invest only where a competitive entry price is available and where we see the future potential to exit at a significantly enhanced multiple of earnings. In each case Maven seeks to identify potential future buyers of the business prior to completing the initial investment.

Adding value
During a typical hold period of three to five years for each investment, Maven’s executives work closely with the management team to add shareholder value. The focus is on how to drive business improvements which will positively impact profitability and ultimately make the company more valuable and attractive to potential acquirers.

Developing an exit strategy
From the outset of each investment, we harness our extensive knowledge of a range of sectors and the advisory community to help management develop an exit strategy. We have long standing relationships with larger private equity firms, which are looking for the ‘rising stars’ in the lower mid-market and will often pay more than comparable trade acquirers if they see synergy with another portfolio company.

Optimising value
When the decision is made to sell a business, Maven assists each management team in selecting an adviser, often a sector specialist, whose expertise and insight will help to optimise the sale process. Our key focus is on securing the best price and maximising the arbitrage gain on exit.

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