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In the fourth episode of the Invested Podcast, we interviewed Tom Dunlop, the founding CEO of Summize, a software specialist transforming contract management for the legal industry. Tom shares his journey from teenage sports star to accomplished commercial and technology lawyer, establishing a revolutionary software business.

Published: Mar 06, 2024
Focus: Insights


From badminton courts to the boardroom, the life skills Tom has developed as a rising athlete have helped him navigate his way as a business leader and CEO of a technology start-up. In this episode, we explore how the determination to succeed in sport was the catalyst for his successes in business.

The inception of Summize stemmed from Tom's firsthand encounters with the complexities of contract management during his tenure as a general counsel. Recognising the inefficiencies in traditional legal processes, Tom envisioned a solution – a Software as a Service business simplifying contract complexities and enhancing accessibility.

Transitioning from badminton champion to startup founder to leading figure in legal tech, Tom's journey is both captivating and inspiring. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he offers valuable insights into team building and business growth, reflecting his unwavering ambition to address challenges within the legal industry.

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