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In the third episode of the Invested Podcast, we sit down with Luke Pargeter, the founding CEO of iAM Compliant, a revolutionary web-based compliance tool for schools.

Published: Jan 31, 2024
Focus: Insights


Luke shares his entertaining journey into the world of entrepreneurship, which began when he was just five years old, and how he went from working in facilities management to creating an innovative software solution that is taking the education sector by storm. His infectious enthusiasm for his product, his industry, and his customers is clear. 

With dreams of providing every school with a free iAM account, Luke is a visionary who wants to make a positive impact in the industry, believing that continual professional development is the key to improving sustainability in schools.

Having worked in facilities management for many years, Luke wanted to simplify the way compliance should be managed. Working with world-class eLearning designers, Luke and his Co-Founder Andy created a simple, intuitive solution specifically designed for schools. iAM’s software helps schools with the everyday management of school health and safety, estates management, statutory reporting, and staff training. Last year they won the prestigious Management & Leadership Solution BETT Award and the Estates Education Supplier of the Year.

In this episode, Luke opens up about the challenges he has faced, the achievements he is proud of, and the future he pictures for his company. We discuss everything from the inception of iAM Compliant to what made him the leader he is today. Join us for an insightful conversation with this ambitious entrepreneur.

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