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Join Laura Boyd, Television and Entertainment Reporter, on our new podcast ‘Invested’ as she chats to Liz Ashall-Payne, founding CEO of ORCHA, a global leader in health app accreditation and distribution.

Published: Nov 30, 2023
Focus: Insights

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Liz is now at the forefront of healthcare transformation programs in the NHS, Europe, and North America, but starting from more humble beginnings she set out with an admirable aim to help people. Previously a Speech and Language Therapist for the NHS, she recognised a problem in our healthcare system and identified a solution. Passionate about the cause and determined to drive change, she found a niche and turned it into a business.

A prominent figure in the industry Liz is recognised for her exceptional contributions, she has been honoured as a Tech Trailblazer by the BIMA 100, named as a Healthcare IT Leader in the HIMSS Future 50, and awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by the British Chamber of Commerce, Northern Powerhouse and EY.

An NHS England NIA alumni fellow, she actively contributes to the development of future healthcare leaders as a coach for the NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur program and serves as the Vice Chair on the Tech UK Health and Social Care Council to help shape policies and initiatives in technology and healthcare.

Liz's approach to both business and life is refreshing. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for the opportunities that technology offers to improve health and drive efficiencies is clear. In this episode we talk about everything from where it all started, and how thinking differently aided her in her journey, to her approach to problem solving, learning and success.

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