How to capitalise on business growth opportunities

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The varied landscape of established businesses means selecting a funding partner that can offer flexible finance solutions, alongside a deep understanding of the business can be tricky to find.

Published: Jun 10, 2022
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Our webinar explores the growth opportunities available to mature businesses, how to plan and execute development plans and how to approach a funding strategy.

But what makes a business ‘mature’ and what does the funding landscape look like for this type of business in the North East? David Nixon, Investment Manager for Maven, sets out his thoughts on growth funding for mature businesses. The webinar primarily covers the four main points of discussion:

  1. The growth opportunities available to local businesses.
  2. The major hallmarks of success to maximise growth.
  3. The importance of a long-term finance solution.
  4. An overview of the funding available for mature businesses. 

What is most important is not to make assumptions about which type of funding is right or wrong without first having a conversation with potential finance providers and understanding what the art of the possible could be.

We're also joined by Finance Durham portfolio company, Ean Parsons, CEO of Parsons Containers, a multi-site shipping container operator and leading self-storage service provider, who talks through the company's funding journey, how they sourced and secured investment from Finance Durham and the impact it had on the business.

To find out more watch our next webinar to discover the opportunities available to businesses:

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If your business is in need of finance to help unlock its growth potential, the Finance Durham Fund may be able to help. Contact our team today on 0191 731 8595.

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