Data Analytics

Deal Type
Growth Capital

Initial Investment
June 2020




HubIsoft is challenging the way data analytics is exploited to better inform corporate decision makers. Over the past two decades, the volume of information has exploded and, coupled with the rising complexity of analysing and modelling this data, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to process the information they own and trust in its validity to underpin important decisions.

Hublsoft’s scalable SaaS platform simplifies the analysis of big data, filtering options in natural language and intuitive infographics for ease of use. Its smart user interface enables the process to be more accessible and engaging, opening up more opportunities from big data for clients who had previously found this field overly complicated or heavily reliant on third parties.


Hublsoft’s innovative solution is addressing a large and growing corporate market. The market opportunity is significant, and Maven’s investment will enable Hublsoft to scale up and capitalise on the increased demand from brands to utilise big data to make improvements to the retail and wholesale performance of their products.

Gareth Price, Investment Director at Maven

Meet the lead executive(s)

Gareth Price
Gareth Price

Investment Director

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