Women in finance: An insight into the investment industry

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Trisha Reay explores her career in investment, and how the industry has changed for women over the past 50 years.

Published: Jul 31, 2023

Over the past 50 years women have made an exceptional impact on the UK economy. Research from the LSE commissioned the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), found that women in finance produced a £1.12 trillion ‘gender diversity dividend’ to the nation’s economy since 1997 and contributed £64 billion to the UK’s GDP with the contribution forecasted to grow by a further 75% in 2035. 

Trisha Reay, AIM Portfolio Director at Maven, recently attended the 50th anniversary of women’s admittance to the LSE trading floor. We asked Trisha to tell us a bit about her journey as a woman starting out in the investment industry and how things have changed over time. A trained stockbroker, she started her career in corporate finance with the leading stockbroker in Birmingham at that time who put her through a personalised graduate training programme from university.

"I have always enjoyed money and investment/company shares from being in the top set of maths at school where we ran a school bank and playing Monopoly at Christmas with the extended family to reading the Sunday Times Business section and stockbrokers corporate research from an early age."

Her interest in finance encouraged her school qualifications, undergraduate degree plus Diploma as well as her MBA choices and subsequent career direction. The latter has seen Trisha work across corporate finance/broking, fund management, buy and sell-side research and financial PR/IR, having a keen interest in meeting with company management teams and doing deals.

Trisha has been at Maven for over 4 years, initially as Investment Research Manager and is now AIM Portfolio Director, focusing on the quoted  companies Maven holds across its funds and helping source new investment opportunities through her broking network that meet Maven criteria. These responsibilities include the maintenance of the broker and company relationships, author of the quoted portfolio companies written and financial report updates, deal origination and support and contributor to new company investment papers.  

"I learnt at university the value of assessing where I am now, where do I want to be and how am I going to get there. That philosophy has stood me in good stead in my career and my manta is to enjoy what you do and feel like one is making a positive difference."

Trisha also supports professional bodies and charitable causes that have a personal connection to her and is currently Chair of the CISI Corporate Forum. She sees herself, when she moves away from the bustling City of London, devoting more time to volunteering and giving something back whilst looking to take on NED type roles at some point in the future.

Reflecting on this historic 50th anniversary of women’s admittance to the LSE trading floor, the event celebrated many accomplished women across the industry and highlighted the important strides that have been made towards achieving greater gender equality. Trisha believes that recognising the achievements of women who have paved the way is crucial to inspiring future generations which in turn can help create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

"The advice I would give to my younger self is: Be strong, be kind, be true but more importantly be YOURSELF. Life is short so do the things that make you happy and content and if you get knocked back, rise up again!"

Despite the positive impact made by women, the uncomfortable truth is that the finance sector, amongst others, has still not rectified the structural inequity and disparity that continues to block women’s professional growth. More change is therefore still required for complete equity across the sector, however as women learn about the opportunities available in the finance industry, helped by events such as that hosted by the LSE, we will see those barriers broken down further and more women rightly in prominent C-suite positions.

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