Prime Document

Sector Support Services
Deal Type MBO
Initial Investment June 2016
Transaction size Not disclosed
Location Bury
Maven Office Manchester
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About Prime Document

Prime is a provider of outsourced document management services, specialising in the production and distribution of business critical documents, in areas where many clients require the production of documentation to comply with stringent industry regulations or legislative requirements. This includes the production of tax and pension statements, invoices and pay slips, where the accuracy, reliability and

responsiveness of the service is paramount in the face of the growing challenges of increasingly complex and large data sets. Prime’s ecco document management platform facilitates the capture, storage, retrieval and multi-channel distribution of client information, and is allowing the business to expand its services in the fast growing global electronic document management (EDM) sector.

The UK market is on the verge of realising the benefits to be gained from using the various electronic multi-channels to move business critical information around in a less expensive and more efficient manner than traditional print and post. With the backing of our investment partners we see Prime Document as being perfectly placed to capitalize on the opportunity to deliver innovative, industry leading services to our existing and future customer base.
Martin Hurley, Managing Director at Prime Document
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