Prime Document

Sector Support Services
Deal Type Realisation
Initial Investment June 2016
Location Bury
Maven Office Manchester
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About Prime Document

In December 2019 Maven generated a 2.6x return for Investor Partners following the sale of Prime Document to a Belgium trade buyer. Prime is a provider of outsourced document management services, specialising in the production and distribution of business critical documents, in areas where many clients require the production of documentation to comply with stringent industry regulations or legislative requirements.

Maven funded the original MBI in 2016, and since then Prime has continued to grow its current footprint in the outsourced EDM sector and further develop its digital document management platform, Ecco. The strategic acquisition of Prime will allow the buyer, Unifiedpost Group, to enter the UK market and offer end-to-end services to Prime’s customers.

The Maven team have been a very supportive partner and played an important role in helping transform the business. Prime is now in a position where it will benefit from being part of a larger group, and the foundations put in place with Maven’s help have enabled our management team to consistently grow and attract the interest of a successful global business.
Martin Hurley, Managing Director at Prime Document
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