Water Filtratation Technology

Deal Type
Equity Finance

Initial Investment
October 2018


NPIF Maven Equity Finance


Evove Limited (Evove) is a UK-based graphene innovation and application company whose patented technology is aimed at tackling the world's water shortage. Evove create filtration solutions for the water industry with the use of graphene. The company’s solutions include separation of oil from water, domestic water filtration, waste water treatment, personal care and hygiene, and desalination.

The company’s graphene-based coatings technology provides highly efficient and cost-effective solutions to a broad range of filtration applications and critically can be used in conjunction with existing filtration membranes and systems.


We are thrilled to have completed our series B funding round with the support of Maven and the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. This funding provides Evove with the required resources to develop products to meet the market’s needs.

Andrew Greenaway, Executive Chairman of Evove

Meet the lead executive(s)

Jeremy Thompson
Jeremy Thompson

Investment Director

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