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MicroBioSensor is a medical device company developing disposable point-of-care safety monitors for detecting microbial infection. The company’s biotechnology platform is based on dye chemistries, which signal the presence of microbial infection/metabolism in clinical samples via a simple all-or-nothing colour-change. The Company’s main product targets the Renal Replacement Therapy market (RRT), including haemodialysis (HD), peritoneal dialysis (PD), hemofiltration and renal transplantation.


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We are delighted to have NPIF as an equity partner. We are excited about what we can grow and achieve and from the first meetings with Maven, they fully understood our model and plan and have shown similar excitement. We have taken a concept, turned it into a plan and started to execute the plan. With Maven’s support, we are confident we can drive the plan faster and be even more ambitious.

Simon Howitt
Chairman and Managing Director of Intec

Growth Journey

Globally, the number of patients requiring renal replacement therapy (RRT) is rising rapidly. This stems from two major drivers behind current healthcare challenges: the growth in the aged population and rising levels of obesity in both the developed and developing world. RRT patients command a disproportionate amount of healthcare spending: despite representing <0.1% of the population in Western countries, they consume over 2% of total healthcare budgets.

Over 50,000 patients are undergoing RRT in the UK and over 2 million patients worldwide. But only a small fraction of these patients (4,000 in the UK, 230,000 worldwide) are on peritoneal dialysis (PD), despite it being the lowest cost and least life-style compromising form of dialysis. This is largely due to the risks of recurrent peritoneal infections, a potential complication of PD therapy. Infective peritonitis is the leading cause of failure for PD and is fatal if left untreated.

Significantly, antibiotic resistance is increasingly common: methicillin resistance rates (MRSA) as high as 50% have been recently reported (source: Cheuk-Chun et al, 2014). The growing market provides significant market growth opportunities for Microbiosenser.

Established in 2012, the University of Manchester spin-out company develops disposable point-of-care medical devices for the early diagnosis of microbial infection.

The funding has allowed the company to complete the development of its first product, TripleCheck, an infection diagnostic for patients on renal dialysis, and to plan for a multicentre clinical study to validate that product. The NPIF investment also funded the prototyping of a second product, that is able to determine the antibiotic sensitivity profile of infections causing urinary tract infections in the elderly.

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