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Digital Training Solutions


Digital Training Solutions is an online learning company that uses cutting edge interactive video technology to bring a gaming approach to training.  The Company creates bespoke courses, working in partnership with existing training providers and offer Near-Life™ as an e-learning solution for content creators. Near-Life allows users to experience immersive, role-play style training which enhances engagement and knowledge retention at a fraction of the cost of traditional scenario-based learning. 

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We’re delighted to have received this show of support from the Maven team and the Growth Company. It’s an exciting time for EdTech and we’re looking forward to using this investment to take our innovation to the next level.

Mike Todd
CEO of Digital Training Solutions

Growth Journey

Digital Training Solutions has developed cutting edge interactive video learning technology to bring a gaming approach to training. They create bespoke courses, work in partnership with existing training providers and offer Near-Life™ as an eLearning video solution for content creators. Their content development platform, brings experiential learning online and gives learners realistic, scenario-based, role-play training while tracking their interactions to provide performance feedback and monitor progress.

Interactive video learning puts the viewer in control, transporting users into realistic, first-person experiences and allowing them to make real-time decisions. Sometimes referred to as experiential or immersive learning, interactive learning videos improve engagement and knowledge retention by gamifying a viewer’s learning experience and tailoring the scenarios to match the brand values or policies of the business.

The global eLearning market is forecast to grow 7.2% to reach approximately $325 billion by 2025. UK employers spend £3.14 billion on external training and approximately 9% (£286 million) of that amount is spent on eLearning. With demand for innovative e-learning methods increasing as employers find new ways to engage staff in corporate training there is a high volume of training opportunities available.

The funding will further support Digital Training Solution’s growth strategy, enabling the business to continue to develop its software, support its marketing strategy and create up to 17 new jobs over the next two years.

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