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Jepco Glebe

Business bio 

Based in Greater Lincolnshire, Jepco produce and sell a wide range of vegetable products such as baby leaf, spinach, kale, rocket, sweet gem and onions to the Manufacturing, Retail, Foodservice and Wholesale sectors in the UK and overseas.

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Greater Lincolnshire

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“We look forward to investing in our hydroponic solution, offering our customers a high yielding alternative for the future. The ability to continually supply our customers with high quality, environmentally friendly products as part of our growth plan excites us greatly.”

Stuart Piccaver
Managing Director at Jepco Glebe

Growth and expansion

Although Jepco already offer hydroponics as one of their innovative solutions, the current production unit operates at a limited level; unable to provide continuity for the darker, colder months. 

Hydroponics involves the process of growing plants by using mineral nutrient solutions in sand, gravel, or liquid, without the use of soil. The technological advancements and increasing success rates associated with the commercial hydroponics industry are some of the factors that have led to the market expanding exponentially. According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Hydroponics market is expected to grow from $226.45 million in 2016 to reach $724.87 million by 2023. Along with the market expansion, manufacturers of hydroponic equipment are focusing on the development of new efficient systems.

Jepco will use the funding to invest in a production unit that will replace its traditional energy consumption with ‘greener technology equipment’, enabling all year-round production through Hydroponic growing methodology, while also creating four  new jobs.


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