Environmental, Social and Governance factors

Maven recognises the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors and believes that companies should behave responsibly towards the environment and society. 

Maven is currently in the process of developing its ESG framework and reporting capacity with a programme of work which will ensure ESG issues are carefully managed throughout the period of investment, and there is close engagement with each company in relation to corporate governance practices and support for the management team in developing policies on the environment, community engagement, HR and employee relations, corporate governance and responsible product marketing.

Maven became a signatory to the internationally recognised Principles for Responsible Investment in June 2021 and are committed to including environmental, social and governance factors in investment decision making and ownership as part of this initiative. 

Maven is also signatory to the Investing in Women Code which aims to improve female entrepreneurs’ access to tools, resources and finance, supporting diversity and inclusion in access to finance.