New £15m VCT top-up Offers now open

The Offers by Maven Income and Growth VCT 3 PLC (Maven VCT 3) and Maven Income and Growth VCT 4 PLC (Maven VCT 4) are limited to £15 million, and provide investors with an opportunity to subscribe for New Shares in two established VCTs.

Maven is pleased to announce new £15m joint VCT Top-up Offers, where investors have the option to invest in one or both VCTs and for both the 2019/20 and 2020/21 tax years. Qualifying VCT investors can also access a number of tax benefits, including up to 30% of initial tax relief, tax-free dividends and exemption from capital gains tax on disposal.

Both Maven VCT 3 and Maven VCT 4 have a track record of delivering improved shareholder returns, including tax-free dividends, and these Offers will provide investors with an opportunity to subscribe for New Shares in two established VCTs with highly diversified existing portfolios of carefully vetted private companies alongside selected AIM quoted investments with growth potential.

Maven is one of the largest and best resourced VCT managers in the industry, with a nationwide investment team operating from 12 regional offices and investing across a range of sectors. Maven has a proven track record of investing in dynamic UK smaller private companies, and achieving profitable realisations for shareholders.

We are delighted to offer Shareholders and new investors an opportunity to subscribe under these Offers by Maven VCTs 3 and 4. VCTs remain one of the most tax efficient investment products available, and these Offers provide access to two established VCTs, each with a track record of shareholder returns and tax-free dividends, and with existing portfolios of private company and AIM assets across a range of sectors. We have one of the best resourced investment teams in the VCT industry, where our regional model ensures that we have nationwide coverage of the UK market for introductions to new investment opportunties.

Bill Nixon, Managing Partner at Maven

Click here to find out more about the Offers or how to apply.

This is an advertisement issued by Maven Capital Partners UK LLP and is not a prospectus nor an invitation to invest. A prospective applicant under the Offers should read the Prospectus Documents in full before applying, including the ‘Risk factors’ and ‘Terms and Conditions of Application’. An investment should be made solely on the basis of information set out in the Securities Note, Summary and Registration Document (together the ‘Prospectus’, and available at issued on 13 November 2019 by Maven Income and Growth VCT 3 PLC and Maven Income and Growth VCT 4 PLC.

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