VCT Top-up Offers now open

The Offers by Maven Income and Growth VCT PLC (Maven VCT 1) and Maven Income and Growth VCT 5 PLC (Maven VCT 5) are limited to £30 million, with an over-allotment facility for up to a further £10 million). 

Maven is pleased to announce new VCT Top-up Offers, providing investors with an opportunity to subscribe for New Shares in two established VCTs and the option to invest for one or both VCTs in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 tax years. 

Both Maven VCT 1 and Maven VCT 5 have delivered rising shareholder returns and regular dividend payments in recent years and these Offers will provide investors with an opportunity to subscribe for New Shares in two established VCTs which have not raise new funds since 2014/15.
Investee collageSince their introduction in 1995, VCTs have provided vital to support some of the fastest growing smaller companies in the UK, and allowed investors to share in their success. VCTs have helped drive growth, innovation and employment across the SME sector, often turning innovative ideas into successful businesses. Entrepreneurial private companies are the engine-room of the economy. SMEs are forecast to contribute more than £200 billion to UK plc by 2020 and are estimated to employ 16.1 million people (60% of all UK private sector employment).

Investors in new share issues by established generalist VCTs will gain immediate access to existing portfolios of private companies, which have been carefully vetted to ensure that it has a product or service proposition which addresses a clear market need, and a management team capable of delivering growth in shareholder value. Qualifying VCT investors can also access a number of tax benefits, including up to 30% of initial tax relief, tax-free dividends and exemption from capital gains tax on disposal.

We are delighted to offer investors an opportunity to subscribe for New Shares in one or both of these Maven VCTs 1 and 5 for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 tax years. Maven’s track record as a generalist VCT manager, allied to our nationwide investment resource and healthy pipeline of potential new investments, means that the VCTs are in a strong position to continue to expand their portfolios and progressively grow shareholder returns.  

Bill Nixon, Managing Partner at Maven

To find out more about the Offers or how to apply please click here:

Maven VCT Top-up Offers

This is an advertisement issued by Maven Capital Partners UK LLP and is not a prospectus nor an invitation to invest. An investment in shares in the Offers referred to in this advertisement should be made solely on the basis of information set out in the Securities Note, Summary and Registration Document (together the ‘Prospectus’, and available at issued on 26 September 2018 by Maven Income and Growth VCT PLC and Maven Income and Growth VCT 5 PLC.

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