Maven VCT 3 & 4 Offers: over-allotment facility now available

The joint VCT fundraising launched in September 2017 by Maven VCT 3 and Maven VCT 4 is now approaching the target £30m and, in view of continued interest from investors and advisers, the VCTs will make use of the over-allotment facility available under the Offers. This allows the VCTs to accept further applications of up to an additional £10m.
These Offers are an opportunity to invest in two established VCTs, and the use of the over-allotment facility reflects the continued strong UK pipeline of investment opportunities Maven is seeing across the UK in high-growth private companies. At a time when many VCT managers are adapting their business to invest under the new VCT rules, Maven has demonstrated its ability to adapt to the new VCT rules, with 14 new VCT qualifying deals already completed under those new rules to provide growth finance to innovative UK companies across a range of sectors.

Both VCTs have consistently generated positive returns for investors, with increases in NAV Total Return per share for eight consecutive years, including 16 tax-free dividends paid between those VCTs since April 2015, and tax-free annual yields* of 13.3% and 10.4% respectively.

Online Application Facility

These were also the first VCT Offers in the market to allow investors the option to complete and submit a VCT application and payment online, using a new dedicated and secure investment portal at – responding to investor demand over the past few years, this portal makes the application process faster and simpler, and has been popular with investors as we approach the tax year end.

To find out more about the Offers or how to apply please click here. 

This is an advertisement issued by Maven Capital Partners UK LLP and is not a prospectus nor an invitation to invest. An investment in shares in the Offers referred to in this advertisement should be made solely on the basis of information set out in the Securities Note, Summary and Registration Document (together the ‘Prospectus’) issued on 22 September 2017 by Maven Income and Growth VCT 3 PLC and Maven Income and Growth VCT 4 PLC.

* This is historical information, based on the dividends paid over the past five full financial years and should not be taken as any indication or forecast of future dividend levels. Yields are calculated using the most recently published NAV for the Companies (at the date of publication of the prospectus), and assume that the investor benefits from initial income tax relief of up to 30% on newly issued VCT shares, as currently available on investment in new VCT shares.

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