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This edition features four new Maven VCT investments completed over the past six months, in fast growing businesses which are challenging conventional markets, with a differentiated business model or proposition. A

Also profiled are two later stage investments funded by our co-investment network Investor Partners, where we have helped management to acquire the business, with further expansion planned through organic growth or acquisition.

Since the last edition of Creating Value our VCTs also realised its investment in Nenplas, achieving a return of 5x for investors in the original 2006 buyout. Details of the exit are featured on page 3.

This issue also features an article from our Marketing Manager, Steven Ford, who discusses the Three Peaks Challenge which 11 Maven employees will attempt to complete very soon for three worthy charities. For those of you who are interested you will be able to follow our exploits and monitor our progress throughout the day via the Maven Twitter page on the 17th and 18th of June. 

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