Maven VCT 6 elects to use £2m over-allotment facility

The Board of Maven Income and Growth VCT 6 has elected to utilise the £2 million over-allotment facility, in response to the early demand from investors, which has extended the overall fundraising to a maximum £8 million.

The Offer is expected to close no later than 12.00 noon on 3 April 2017 in relation to the tax year 2016/17, and 12.00 noon on 28 June 2017 in relation to the tax year 2017/18 (unless fully subscribed by an earlier date).

It is an opportunity to invest in the new shares of an established VCT which has delivered sustained improvements in Shareholder returns over recent years, and is the only Maven VCT raising funds for the 2016/17 VCT season.

An early investment incentive is also available for investors whose applications are received and accepted up to 28 February 2016 - an additional 1.5% of the application amount will be used to purchase shares for existing shareholders, and 1.25% for new investors.

As well as benefiting from up to 30% initial income tax relief and the potential for regular tax-free dividends, an investment in this Offer provides access to one of the most active, best resourced managers in the VCT industry, with a long-standing track record of success and a nationwide investment team offering full coverage of the UK SME market.

Find out more about the New Share Issue for Maven VCT 6 here.

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